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AutoInjector Test System SA-41
Auto Injector Test System SA-41

The SA-41 semi-automated autoinjector test system from Automationspartner ensures a precise product quality control and is easy to operate. The test system for autoinjectors is designed for GMP production environments. AP also offers the same functionality in automated in-line process control (IPC) systems, integrated into autoinjector assembly machines. Test systems can also be adapted to table top solutions for R&D or laboratory applications.


  •  Easy to use for the operator and very stable
  • Standard automation components ensure a flexible solution, easy to adapt to specific customer requirements
  • PLC platform ensures software stability


  • CE Machine Directive Compliant
  • Designed for cleanroom (ISO class 8)
  • Aluminium frame
  • Cabinet with frameless laminated toughened glass
  • Electrical cabinets fitted inside the frame

Automation & Software

  • Siemens PLC & HMI
  • CFR 21 part 11 with audit trail
  • Siemens servo motors
  • Omron FHV7 vision system
  • Mettler Toledo scales and loadcells
  • Digital test reports (digitally signed by operator)

Autoinjector Test System Footprint

The SA-41 semi-automated autoinjector test system is compact, table-top model with a small footprint.

Autoinjector Test System with Small Footprint
Auto Injector Test System with Small Footprint


Optical System Technology
Optical System Technology


Four autoinjectors are loaded into the machine. The machine collects one product at a time for testing. The protective cap is removed and the force is measured and verified against pre-set values. The vision system triggers a timer when the injection starts and measures the time to completed injection. The length of the needle is measured by the vision system. The dispensed fluid is measured by a precision scale and the volume is calculated automatically from the pre-set liquid density.

Standard Tests

  • Protective Cap removal force
  • Dispensing time of liquid
  • Precise weight of dispensed liquid
  • Needle length during dispensing
Standard Tests
Standard Tests

Optional Tests and Functions

  • Activation force
  • Graphical presentation of test values
  • Remote access
  • Secure communication to other systems (OPC-UA)
  • Verification of correct product thru barcode or QR-code
  • Product in-feed from trays
  • Automated tray handling