In our automation test lab, we offer testing and services to support our customers with their device development and process development. We offer our lab facility, equipment and, most importantly, our extensive combined knowledge.

Reduce your risk – save time to market

In the early phases of device development, the future need of automation should be taken into consideration. If the processes and functions can be tested early, risks can be eliminated, resulting in a significantly lower cost than if detected later. Our experience tells us that early phases of testing and risk elimination result in automation projects with a shorter lead time at a lower cost. Delays and problems can be avoided to the benefit of all parties.

Automation Test Lab

Test Execution

In our test lab facilities, we perform tests, prestudies, technology evaluations and process development. We take pride in our transparency and encourage customer involvement. 

Test Lab

When we perform tests and prestudies, we have high-volume, full automation in focus. It’s important that the tests are performed as similarly and realistically as possible to the real-life processes that will be applied in a production machine. It’s also important that we test according to statistically proven processes to get stable and reliable results. For example, the number of repeated tests for a device process should correlate to the number of tests performed during future machine validation. During the testing, we also need to challenge the variables in the process to find the limits and the process window.

Test Output – Tangible Results

When you choose us as your partner, you gain access to the knowledge and tools you need to develop your production line and streamline your processes. Our test lab results include:

  • Process feasibility
  • Process window parameters
  • Product design analysis
  • Product samples
  • Low-volume manufacturing equipment

Test Lab Focus Areas

Examples of testing capabilities

Our lab has extensive expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure for testing in these areas:

  • Micro filling/dispensing process
  • Gluing/curing process with presence check
  • Catheter forming processes
  • Assembly process
  • Vision quality control
  • Vision process capabilities
  • Feeding/handling of components
  • Welding process (US, Heat, Laser)
  • Punching process
  • Lubrication process
  • Leak testing process