Benefit from our many years of experience of automation when developing your devices and processes.


We provide input to your design, making it more efficient to produce and also safeguard process robustness, define the most suitable technology and conduct proofs-of-concept. AP recommends a front-load approach for your device development project, making use of the strategic services available from the AP Develop organization.


Our experience in steering production processes makes us highly suitable to verify process robustness, determining the likelihood of safe volume up-scaling while conducting different types of assessments and proof-of-concepts.

Engineering Design Services

During device development, a future production volume ramp-up must always be taken into consideration. Different capacity needs might require different production methods. The device components must be prepared for this ramp-up with regards to, among other things, joining and fixation geometries and component feeding abilities. Methods and equipment chosen for development must also be functional in assembly systems.

The AP Develop engineering team can support you with design services:

  • Product design review analysis
  • Design risk analysis and mitigation
  • Review of key processes and critical technologies
  • Assembly sequence and layouts

Technology Assessment

Analysis of different technology options:

  • Product quality
  • Product robustness
  • Cost efficiency of the chosen technology
  • Required training level on personnel

Proof Of Concept

We can verify single or multiple concepts, building test stations, and conduct testing:

  • Verifying process robustness
  • Verify and correlate critical processes to product functionality
  • Compiling input for the URS process

We are really impressed by Automationspartner’s engineering skills.

Anna Söderlund, CEO of Calmark