Keeping You Profitable

Our current customer base stretches from Central and North America in the west to South-East Asia in the east and Scandinavia in the north. Our largest single markets are Mexico, India and China – three very different countries. This proves that our persistent specialization and business-minded approach gives us competitive advantages.
A business-minded approach is not just about being able to offer a machine at a competitive price. It’s really about finding an optimal concept and platform for the individual product at a particular phase, to be manufactured in a particular country in a particular volume. Last but not least, it’s about offering a safe and reliable solution for providing spare parts and support.
The turnkey concepts we offer – from various degrees of semi-automatic machines to fully automatic high-volume machines – make it easy for us to match a broad spectrum of production strategies. We work closely with you to find the automation concept and support solutions to ”fuel your bottom line”.