Choosing to collaborate with Automationspartner within the fast growing segment of point-of-care diagnostic devices is a prudent choice. Automationspartner can support you with a highly skilled development team which has all the required manufacturing processes in place for efficient production lines.  

Processes in point-of-care diagnostic device automation are often very narrow and precise. Equally important is the quality control and verification which are closely linked to the processes.  

Systems range from low volume, semi-automatic machines to high volume production lines.

Point of care diagnostic device
70 PPM Diagnostic Device Assembly Line
  • Category: Point of care diagnostic device
  • Capacity: 1-100 parts/min
  • Platforms: Semiautomatic or fully automatic

Diagnostic device processes

Some of our core diagnostic processes include:

Diagnostic Device Filters


Punching, precise handling and assembly of various types of filters.

Micro Dispensing


Precise filling and micro dispensing of reactive liquids.

Ultrasonic Diagnostics


Detection, measuring and weighing liquids.

Diagnostic Device Cut and Weld


Ultrasonic cut and weld, precision heat welding of foil and plastic film.



Thermoforming of plastics and vacuum forming.

Diagnostic Device Printing


Labeling, laser marking and full color printing directly on the device.

Leak Testing

Leak test and pressure test

Testing of device integrity and function.

Diagnostic device development support

In early phases of development of point-of-care diagnostic devices, prestudies of key functions and processes often need to be evaluated. We support our customers with our combined extensive knowledge an perform practical testing, such as proof of principle testing during these phases.

The prestudies are often followed by delivery of production rigs or semi-automated assembly cells for low volume production. The low volume production equipment is often used for production batches used for clinical trials or product design evaluation.

Diagnostic Device