We have updated our test lab and capability with a new mobile platform and a larger flexible fixed platform with the possibility of indexing movements. With our dedicated test lab and dedicated Medtech Consulting team we are standing ready to support you with your challenges.

We provide input to your design, making it more efficient to produce but also safeguard process robustness, define the most suitable technology and conduct proofs-of-concept. Automationspartner recommends a front-load approach for your device development project.

Our experience in steering production processes makes us highly suitable to verify process robustness, determining the likelihood of safe volume up-scaling and conducting different types of assessments and proofs-of-concept.

Reduce your risk – save time to market

In the early phases of device development, the future need of automation should be taken into consideration. If the processes and functions can be tested early, risks can be eliminated, resulting in a significantly lower cost than if detected later. Our experience tells us that early phases of testing and risk elimination result in automation projects with a shorter lead time at a lower cost. Delays and problems can be avoided to the benefit of all parties.