Siemens Digital Industries

Automationspartner has a unique portfolio within MedTech automation in terms of product innovation and capabilities. Automationspartner has a proven track record of providing high-end automation solutions for their customers. Siemens Digital Industries is a long term partner for Automationspartner constantly Read More


Automationspartner is one of the leading producers in Sweden, designing top of the art machines for the med tech industry. We are proud of being a part of their success and hope to continue our collaboration for many years to Read More


Automationspartner is an innovative company using robot solutions to increase manufacturing flexibility and production output in their deliveries. AP are experts in combining robots with advanced sensors, machine vision and humans. We have a long successful cooperation with AP and Read More


We have been working together with Automationspartner in project business for more than 20 years already and we are still motivated for the next 20. We love participating in their innovative and creative projects which always also helps us to Read More